Where do I start?


All potential clients are offered an obligation free 30 min session. The purpose of this session is to see if you are able to work with your therapistand to discuss your therapy.


This is seen as the most professional approach and underpins Ascend psychotherapydedication in providing the highest quality service based on integrity and client wellbeing.


At this session you may decide to contract for therapy sessions ot you can take time to reflect before deciding.


Do I have to pay for a block of sessions?


The simple answer is no! Whilst some therapists insist on block booking Ascend psychotherapy only ask that you pay for the session use at the at time you use it.


What happends at my initial 30 min session?


Firstly we need to understand your reasons for seeking therapy, we will discuss your expectations and any concerns you may have as well as discuss your desired outcomes and goals. The initial session is designed to provide you with details about the therapy process, provide you with information to help you to make an informed choice and to see if it is suitable to continue and would want to proceed


How long will it take?


Individuals all have their unique strategies when dealing with their issues, as such therapy needs to be tailored to each client, this includes format and length. Some people find that within only a few sessions they have achieved their goals, for others it may take much longer. It is widely accepted that an average of six sessions is necessary to see first results. This is due to the fact that it often takes time to understand the problem, build a therapeutic relationship, and to achieve change. However, unnecessary sessions are never encouraged and you can be assured that the minimal amount of sessions will be used. This is achieved through regular reviews to check that the process is working for you and to discuss progress. Client empowerment underpins practice and it will always be your choice whether or not you wish to continue.


To make an initial enquiry just email


All your details and enquiry is held in the strictest of confidence and processed in accordance with the Data Protection principles.

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